About Paprima

Since it was founded in 1986 by Mr. Roman Caspar, Paprima Industries inc. has become well known worldwide for its expertise in water jet cutting. Paprima is a the leader in this field and continues to innovate and develop new products, not only in the pulp and paper sector, but also in the food and composite industry, and much more.

Paprima offers complete solutions and has to date over 500 installations worldwide, with products such as water jet turn up system, ultra-high pressure water pumps, tailcutters, edge trimming, roll slitting, and tail handling products.

Paprima engineers, produces, installs and supports all of our products with a highly skilled team whom endeavor to meet the highest quality industry standards, on time delivery as expected by today’s ever demanding marketplace.

In July 2010, Paprima was purchased by Denis Smits and Eric Smits. Our new executive team was put into place as follows; CEO Denis Smits, President Eric Smits and General Manager Robert Brousseau.

Currently, Paprima is taking full advantage of new technologies, which will better position our industry into today’s global market.

The company headquarters are in Montreal, Canada where its sales, service, engineering and manufacturing facilities are located. A network of international agents provide our customers with local support and service.



Head Office

75 Guthrie
Dorval (Montreal), Quebec
Canada H9P 2P1

Tel: +1 514.422.9555
Fax: +1 514.422.9777
Email: sales@paprima.ca